Own a house, and it will own you.

I had always heard that before, but am becoming more and more acutely aware of just what that actually means.  Things in this world are in need of constant care and attention … and often break down, needing repairs.

In the past month, my 50 year old house has experienced a rotting deck, a roof leak, an “invasion” of army worms, a broken toilet, a broken tub spout, and a partridge in a pear tree!  That’s just the past month!  In the two years we have lived in this home, we have also seen HVAC systems struggle, a hot water tank that leaked, a fence that was destroyed, and some minor electrical work that needed to be addressed.  And as I sit here today, there are more items that could be addressed!

Own a house, and it will own you.

Thinking about this makes me long for a day when “all things will be made new” — a time when a permanent upgrade will be made to this physical world so that it will never need to be repaired or replaced!  If you are like me … that sounds pretty nice!

This is exactly the world of the new heaven and earth described in Revelation 21-22.

This new world is even more than just “not needing repair” nice.  It is something else.  How nice?

  • “Solid gold streets” nice.  Some today might have jewelry that is “golden,” but a city so rich it has streets of SOLID GOLD?  That is next level.
  • “Foundation Stones for the city made of precious jewels” nice.  Today people put a single diamond on a wedding band … the city in the new heaven and earth will have foundations poured not with concrete and rebar, but with sapphires and jasper.
  • “Door frames made of hollowed out giant pearls” nice.  Who sees a pearl the size of a two story house and says – “let’s hollow that out and make it a doorway!”  God does … that’s who!

But even those features are not the defining characteristic of this new heaven and earth.  Just wait until you see how it is “lit”!  

So, for those of us living in a fixer-upper world … don’t call Chip and Joanna.  Come to Wildwood on Sunday as we look at Revelation 21:9-27 and see what God (in His grace) is preparing for us to move into one day … AND, even more importantly, who will we be moving in there with.

See you Sunday in our 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00 worship service at Wildwood for part 6 of our “Lord of New Heaven and Earth” sermon series.  We will celebrate the Lord’s supper together as we look forward to our promised future in Christ.  Join us this weekend … and bring friends!

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