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December 20

Rejoice!  He is worth it all!

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 2:9-12, 13:44

What is the price that makes something “expensive”?  Well, it probably depends on (at least) a couple of things:  what you are buying, and who you are.  

As it pertains to what you are buying, if you are purchasing a candy bar, $5 is really expensive … but not if you are purchasing a home.  The content of your purchase is one metric that dictates whether it is expensive or not.

As it pertains to who you are, your access to resources plays a role in your estimation of the cost of an item.  If you are a billionaire, then a $30,000 car is sensible play.  But if you have no money, then a $30,000 car is super expensive!  Who we are and what we are buying impact our estimation of whether something is expensive or not.

Now I want to transition from these dollars to make a sensible point about our spiritual life.  How we respond to Jesus depends a lot on who we think He is and what we have been made a steward over.

In Matthew 13:44, Jesus tells a parable about a man who finds a hidden treasure in a field.  Knowing that treasure is there, he thinks that the asking price for the field (which is worth basically ALL he has) is suddenly a bargain.  So He liquidates his savings and checking accounts to buy the field, knowing the treasure it contains.  The paralell is obvious.

When we realize who Jesus is, we understand that He is the most valuable person in all the universe.  Knowing Jesus and being connected to Him is worth ANYTHING … nothing is too expensive if knowing Him is the result.  This would include reprioritizing everything in our lives under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  When we see Him for who He truly is, we will be willing to give all we have to honor and follow Him.

In today’s verses, we saw the wise men visit Bethlehem and go see Jesus.  They embarked on this long trip and dealt with many challenges along their journey (while incurring big expense) to worship the King of Kings.  Why?  Because they thought Jesus was worth it.  Not only that, but they give expensive gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  How nice were these gifts?  Pretty nice.  Most biblical scholars assume that Joseph and Mary (a poor young couple) would sell these items to fund their two year journey to Egypt that is described in the later sections of Matthew 2.  In today’s dollars, we might think of a $50,000 annual income.  By that standard, the Magi gave Jesus a $100,000 gift!

When they Magi saw Jesus, they understood that it was RIGHT for them to give to Him whatever they had.  Money, time, honor, respect … all were not too expensive to pay in light of who Jesus really was.

Today, as you head toward the Christmas holiday season and you see all the bills coming due (and begin to lament over the expensive things on your bank statement), remember who Jesus really is, and what He has done for you.  In light of that, it is worth it for us to reorganize our lives to honor and follow Him.  What steps do you need to make as you honor Him this year?  Like the wise men before us, “rejoice exceedingly with great joy” (Matthew 2:10) as you lay down your life before Him this year.

Suggested song for today:  O Come All Ye Faithful

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