On Sunday, November 21, 2021 at Wildwood Community Church, we will be gathering in our 3 morning worship services (8:30, 9:45, 11:00) to celebrate the water baptisms of 23 Wildwood folks who have placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior … and they want the world to know!  What a privilege for us to be able to celebrate with them the gift of baptism … a symbol Jesus gave to His church to commemorate in a meaningful way someone’s connection to Christ.

If you have not been to Wildwood on a baptism Sunday before … don’t miss this week!  Come and worship with us!  We will spend time singing, hearing the stories of faith of those being baptized, celebrating with them in their baptisms, and talking a bit more about what baptism is all about.  We can’t wait to have you join us this weekend!

Know that on baptism Sundays (we have 3 each year), we do not have any elementary, middle school, high school, college, or adult Sunday school classes meeting on this day. (NOTE:  nursery and preschool classrooms will still be running during our 9:45 and 11:00 services.)  We do this INTENTIONALLY, to create more opportunities for our entire church family to celebrate what Jesus has done in the lives of our people.

Each person who will be baptized will be doing so upon their personal profession of faith in Christ.  This means that those being baptized are not just baptized because they are a certain age, or come from a  certain family … but they are baptized because they have personally trusted in Jesus Christ as their Savior — they have come to Him for their soul rest, and are deciding to walk with Him in their lives.  Therefore, the 23 people being baptized come from a number of different stages of life:  7 are elementary aged children, 4 are middle or high school students, 9 are college aged, and 3 are adults older than college aged.  Join us as we hear each of their stories of faith this Sunday!

Below you will see a graphic with the names of those being baptized, and which service they will be baptized in.  Some of you may even want to attend multiple hours of worship this Sunday to celebrate with friends being baptized in different services.  See you Sunday … and bring friends!


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