Which would you rather be a part of …

A meeting or a movement?

My guess is “movement.”  At least that is how I would answer that question.  I would far rather be a part of something that has a positive direction and that is making a meaningful difference instead of simply attending a meeting.  Most I know would echo that sentiment.

So, let me ask you … when it comes to your church involvement, would you rather be a part of a Sunday/Wednesday meeting, or would you rather be a part of a Spirit/Word movement of God?  Yeah … me too.

That is why it is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to join us at Wildwood over the next week as we will be aligning our meetings with a major movement of God in the world.  By His grace and in His mercy, Jesus is pursuing the nations of the world, offering them eternity and sharing with them His love.  How is Jesus doing this?  Through the mission of His church, of which Wildwood is a part.  

At Wildwood, we talk about being “For the Nations” following Jesus to the glory of God, and we partner with individuals and organizations all over the world to plant churches, preach the Gospel, train pastors and missionaries, and minister God’s love and grace.  

Make plans this weekend to join us Saturday night, October 23, 2021 at 6:30 in our worship center as we hear from one of the men God is using the most for Christ in the Middle East.  At this kickoff event, we will hear more about what God is doing in some of the hardest to reach places on earth.  

Then on Sunday morning, October 24 in our 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 worship services, this same man will be guiding us into a study of Colossians 1:24-29.  We will also hear from other Wildwood missionary partners.  We can’t wait for Sunday!  Find out more about these events and the rest of the festivities in our “For the Nations” Week by visiting wildwoodchurch.org/nations2021.

Let’s be a part of this movement together to the glory of God.  See you Saturday and Sunday!


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