In the distance a new star arose.  So the Magi from the East, began to journey west to see the One for whom it shone.  After making their long journey, they arrive in Bethlehem (most likely months — maybe even years —  after Jesus’ birth) and find Joseph and Mary with their Son, Jesus.

We don’t know for sure what their expectations were.  Did they expect to find Him in a palace?  Did they expect to find Him wearing a crown?  Did they expect to see servants attending to Him?  After all, Jesus was the King of Kings.  Kings of just one AREA had fortunes, and mansions, and servants . . . the King of KINGS surely must have more than that!

However, when they arrive, they find local dignitaries unaware that THE KING had even been born (see Herod’s ignorance in Matthew 2:1-6).  Instead of seeing servants tending to Jesus every need, Herod assembles the army to try to kill the baby Jesus instead (see Matthew 2:7-8, 12).  Instead of finding Him in luxurious accommodations, the star came to rest over a modest dwelling (Matthew 2:9).  No doubt, there were plenty of options for the Magi to lose heart in their search:  long journeys and confused expectations can do that to a group of people.  But, notice what happens . . .

When the Magi arrive at the house, they do not question the veracity of the situation or allow their worldly expectations to deceive them from seeing their Savior.  Rather than act out in unbelief, these men bowed down and adored Jesus (see Matthew 2:10-11).  They laid themselves low before the child, and gave Him symbolic gifts pointing towards His future reign.  

Today, many of us live with unmet expectations.  We thought our career would be farther along by now, we expected to have more money, we want to be happier, we anticipated having better health, we assumed everyone would love us the way we want to be loved.  We have a lot of these expectations on life, and yet the reality of our lives is often different.  We didn’t get the promotion, we seem to have less than the rest of our friends, discouragement often dominates instead of delight, illness lingers, relationships fracture.  Our expectations are often not met with what we see.  So what are we to do?

Remember the birth of Jesus.  Remember that in the midst of modest dwellings and poverty God was at work.  Remember the promises of God and believe they will one day come to fruition.  And . . . bow down and adore Him.  Worship Him based on the truth not just what we feel, or even what we see.  Jesus is the King.  Let us bow our lives before Him in obedience, worship, and sacrifice.  Like the Magi before us, come, let us adore Him!   This point is the subject of today’s song by Kari Jobe, “Adore Him.”


Adore Him

Countless days on a journey that led so far

Endless nights they traveled to follow the star

They did not find a palace, just a humble village home

And searching for a king, but finding a child, no crown, no throne

Still they bowed down

Come let us adore him

Oh, come let us adore him

Oh, come let us adore him

Expectation turned to mystery

For nothing was like anything they dreamed

Anticipating the royal and those honored by this world

Instead they gazed in the awe-struck eyes of a lowly peasant girl

Holding her child

Come let us adore him

Oh, come let us adore him

Oh, come let us adore him

The brilliant gold, the fragrant myrrh, the costly frankincense

Placed before him

Come let us adore him

Oh, come let us adore him

Oh, come let us adore him

Christ, the Lord


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