On Sunday, September 8, 2019 at Wildwood Community Church, I preached a sermon based on Matthew 23:13-22.  This message was part 4 in the “Authentic” sermon series.  Below are a set of questions related to the message for personal reflection or group discussion.


Sermon Questions:

  1. Pray
  2. Read Matthew 23:13-22
  3. What are some of the “challenges” facing the Church (capital C) today?  Do you think most of these challenges as “outside” the church or “inside” the church?  Why?
  4. Jesus speaks out strongly against the Pharisees.  Based on this passage (and the sermon these questions are based on) why do you think Jesus was so outspoken against their opposition?
  5. What are some “refrigerator boxes” that people try to take eternal shelter inside?  Where are you taking shelter?
  6. What are some ways you have seen your relationship with Jesus Christ “sanctify” or grow you?  To say it another way, how is your life today “better” because of your relationship with Jesus?
  7. Are you ever tempted to twist the Scriptures so they fit your agenda/allow you to sin?  What about Jesus’ admonition in 23:16-22 challenges you about the way you read and apply the Scripture?
  8. We all fall short of God’s glory.  Thankfully “His Mercy is More!”  Confess your sin and find forgiveness, salvation, sanctification, and the support the Scripture provides!
  9. What is one particular application you took away from this message?


To access these questions in pdf format, click here.

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