On Sunday, December 16, 2018 at Wildwood Community Church, I preached a sermon based on Matthew 1:1, 2:1-2, 10-11.  This message also focused on the chorus of the song “What Child is This” and was part 3 in “The Christmas Carols” sermon series.  Below are a set of questions related to the message for personal reflection or group discussion.

Sermon Questions:

  1. Pray
  2. Read Matthew 1:1, 2:1-2, 10-11
  3. Jesus is “the Christ.”  What is your best understanding of what this title means?
  4. Jesus is the promised One who brings victory over Satan, righteous rule among the nations of the earth, and forgiveness from our sins.  In the past 30 days, brainstorm some challenges you have faced.  Then take a moment to thank God for how (in Christ Jesus), these challenges are addressed.
  5. What is the revelation that you have received about Jesus Christ.  Make a list.
  6. In what ways do you need to reorient your life to make your relationship with Jesus Christ a priority for you?
  7. What are some tangible ways in which you can “bow before Jesus” this year?
  8. What is one particular application you took away from this message?

To access these questions in pdf format, click here.

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