Easter weekend.  This is a BIG weekend, isn’t it?  Some of you will hunt Easter eggs.  Others will make plans to have a special meal with friends or family.  Many of you will head to church for worship services on Friday night and Sunday morning.  Several of you have bought special clothing to wear to an event this weekend (and are now taking those clothes back to find something warmer).  There is a lot going on!

In addition to the things above that are a part of Easter weekend every year, this year brings with it a few other agenda items.  The Final Four for NCAA basketball is happening in San Antonio.  Norman Youth Soccer kicks off at Griffin Park.  A walkout is planned for our local classrooms. In the midst of all this, it is absolutely possible that we have arrived at Easter weekend, and Friday night Good Friday services, and Easter Sunday morning worship are just other items on our calendars.  But if that is the case, let’s reset the stage . . .

This weekend, we are celebrating the two most important events in the history of the planet: 

Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection from the dead.

Jesus’ death on the cross made it possible for all my sins to be forgiven.  Jesus’ resurrection from the dead made it possible for me to walk about living a “newness of life” to the full!  Were it not for these events, I would be weighed down beneath the weight of my own failure and without hope in this world, merely waiting for this old life to die and judgment to come.  However, because Jesus died on the cross, God’s wrath concerning my sins has been satisfied and thus my sins forgiven.  And, because Jesus rose, I can see the resurrection power of God provide me life today and forever. 

This weekend, we do not go to church simply because it is the cultural norm.  No, we go to church because we need to celebrate: 

His death paid for ALL my sin and His resurrection provides for ALL my life. 

This weekend we will focus our attention on the God who loves us and saves us through the work of His Son Jesus Christ.  Join us at Wildwood Community Church Friday night, March 30 at 6:00 or 7:30PM as we remember the death of Jesus in our Good Friday service, and then come back Sunday morning, April 1 at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00 as we rejoice together on Resurrection Sunday.  See you this weekend!

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