We have a common enemy . . . and this enemy appears to be winning.

  • People spend billions of dollars each year trying to avoid this enemy.
  • People devote countless hours each year to escape its icy grip.
  • People concoct stories and develop philosophies to make sense of it.

Who is this enemy?  Death.  Death is our common enemy.  In our lives, all of us will feel the sting of losing a loved one, and most of us have at least some fear about the process of death and what lies beyond the grave.  Though the Grim Reaper is coming for all of us, we are doing what we can to avoid it.

  • Three common causes of death are disease, accidents, and old age.  We spend billions each year treating our illnesses, making our lives safer, and having procedures to disguise the effects of old age.
  • Health clubs are full of people investing hours of their lives exercising to avoid death’s decay. 
  • World religions all try to answer the questions death asks.

Canadian Physician G.B. Hardy once said, “When I looked at religion I said, I have two questions. One, has anybody ever conquered death, and two, if they have, did they make a way for me to conquer death? I checked the tomb of Buddha, and it was occupied, and I checked the tomb of Confucius and it was occupied, and I checked the tomb of Mohammed and it was occupied, and I came to the tomb of Jesus and it was empty. And I said, there is one who conquered death. And I asked the second question, Did He make a way for me to do it? And I opened the Bible and discovered that He said, ‘Because I live ye shall live also.’”

Jesus is the only one who provides a solution to the problem of death.  We certainly see this in His personal resurrection from the grave on that first Easter morning, but we also see Him triumph over death throughout His earthly ministry.  In Matthew 9:18-26, Jesus performs two miracles which demonstrate His absolute victory over death.  One miracle was performed on a young girl, just 12 years old (a sudden death). The second miracle was performed on an older woman who had suffered from an affliction for 12 years (a slow death). One miracle happens to the daughter of a prominent leader who everyone knew.  The second miracle happens to a woman who society wanted to forget.  Death comes for all of us . . . but Jesus provides hope for all, if we will trust Him.

This Sunday at Wildwood Community Church, in our 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 worship services, we will continue our “Follow” series by looking at these two miracles and finding hope to overcome our common enemy of death.  It appears that death is winning, but take heart . . . He has overcome the grave! 

Because He lives, ye shall we also live!  Join us Sunday at Wildwood as we reflect on this awesome truth.

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