Art by Eric McMullan and Layton Teichroeb
Art by Eric McMullan and Layton Teichroeb

Read: Matthew 2:1-12 (Magi)

In your home, you may have a  nativity set containing small figures representing the people present at the birth of Jesus.  At your nativity set, all these pieces appear similar and equal distances from the Savior.  However, when the Christmas story first played out, the various groups of visitors to the manger were quite different.  The shepherds were Jewish peasants who lived in the fields near where Jesus was born.  The Magi, however, were Gentile scholars who lived far away in the East.  The picture of both shepherds and Magi at the manger remind us that ALL are invited to come to Jesus regardless of our background.

Question of the Day: Who is someone you think is very far from Jesus who you could call, text, or email to wish Merry Christmas to?

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