Art by Jacob Skinner and Ryan B.
Art by Jacob Skinner and Ryan B.

Read: Luke 2:4 (David)

In Oklahoma City, we are fortunate to have the OKC Thunder as our NBA team.  On that team is a potential Hall of Fame caliber player (Russell Westbrook).  It is totally possible that we are witnessing the “glory days” of the Thunder right now.  For the nation of Israel, their “glory days” were centered around the time when King David was ruling.  He secured their borders, expanded their territory, presided over a time of prosperity, acquired the capital (Jerusalem) and purchased the material to build the Temple (that David’s son Solomon would one day construct).  For Israel . . . it didn’t get much better than that.  However, when Jesus was born, He carried with Him the promise to be David’s descendent who would establish EVEN BETTER times for God’s people than the days of King David.

Question of the Day: What would you consider to be your personal “glory days”?  Have you stopped to think that because of Jesus, our best days are still ahead of us (not behind us)?

One thought on “December 15: King David

  1. At the age of 58, my “glory days” were during high school. Thank you for the reminder that my best days are yet to come because of Jesus.

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