Art by Keaton Cochell and Greg Williams
Art by Keaton Cochell and Greg Williams

Read: Luke 2:1-2 (Caesar)

At the time when Jesus was born, much of the world was ruled by a Roman man named Caesar Augustus.  Augustus was the most powerful man in the world at that time . . . so powerful, he made up a name for himself to impress all who knew him: “son of the divine” or “son of god.”  With a simple decree, Augustus could set a plan in motion to cause millions of people to travel to other towns for a census.  2,000 years later, however, Augustus does not look so powerful.  He died and no one really knows him for his fancy self-given nicknames anymore.  He is merely a footnote in history regarding the story of the TRUE Son of God Jesus Christ.

Question of the Day:  Who are some people in the world today who appear very powerful, but are not nearly as powerful (or important) as Jesus Christ?

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