Freedom.001This weekend our nation will celebrate our Independence Day, July 4.  We will shoot off fireworks, attend parades, and otherwise enjoy our privilege as citizens of the “Land of Free.” 

There are few things as central to our “American-ness” as our interest in freedom.  We define it in our constitution as certain unalienable rights, articulate it further in our Bill of Rights, and even promote it around the globe.  We are “freedom junkies.”

Though politically we are free, many people live their lives enslaved to something . . . a secret, an addiction, an inappropriate relationship, ultimately their sin. Friends — Jesus Christ has come so that we need not be enslaved any longer to our sin!  There is hope and liberation found in Christ!

This Fourth of July weekend, let’s not just shoot off fireworks and remember the Declaration of Independence from 1776.  Instead, let’s gather as followers of Jesus Christ and reflect on the Freedom He provides to those who are deponent upon Him from John 8:31-36.  We will do this Sunday morning at Wildwood Community Church in our 9:30 and 11:00 worship services.

We hope you will join us as we have an “All In” Sunday.  This means that we will not have any children’s ministry, student ministry, or adult fellowship groups meeting on Sunday morning.  Instead we will be “all in” the worship service for a time of special celebration together.  Our Student Band will be leading us in worship, we will hear perspective from a retired Air Force officer, and we will look at John 8:31-36 together.  Hope to see you Sunday at Wildwood!

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