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On Sunday, April 10, 2016 at Wildwood Community Church, I preached a message based on Romans 7:7-25.  This message was part two in the “Spiritual Life” series.  Below you will find questions related to the message for further reflection or group discussion.

Sermon Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Romans 7:7-25
  2. Over the past few weeks in our study of Romans, we have talked about being “Set Free” from sin (Romans 6:1-23) or free to live in the “newness of the Spirit” (Romans 7:1-6).  As we have talked about that, have you ever wanted to stand up and shout, “I don’t feel FREE!  I still struggle with sin in a mighty way!  Am I the only one!?!?”  How does reading this week’s verses help you understand the struggle you experience with sin in your Christian life?
  3. No matter who you are, no matter what sin you commit; ALL our sins originate from the same place . . . the flesh (that part of us that desires to sin and rebel against God.)  How does understanding WHERE our sin comes from help us in our struggle with sin?  How does it help us relate to others who are struggling with sin?
  4. In this section, hope is not found in the Law (righteous though it is), but in Jesus Christ (7:24-25).  The Law makes us smarter, but Jesus delivers us from our body of death.  Though we will talk about this concept more in depth next week, what are some practical ways you can call out to Jesus THIS WEEK, to save you from the “body of death” in which we live?
  5. What stood out to you most from this message/passage?

To download a copy of these questions in pdf form, click here.

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