Art by Campbell Cornwell
Art by Campbell Cornwell

Read: Mark 15:21-26

After hours of trials, ridicule, and beatings, Jesus is finally sent to the cross.  People sentenced to crucifixion would be required to carry the crossbeam of their cross to the site of their execution.  In His exhausted state, Jesus collapses under the weight of the crossbeam, so the Roman officials “draft” Simon of Cyrene to carry the crossbeam for Jesus.  This is a powerfully symbolic moment.  The one who was guilty was supposed to carry the crossbeam to the crucifixion site.  Simon carrying that cross is symbolic of all of humanity.  It was our sin and our guilt that Jesus was dying for.  Simon of Cyrene’s role in this story helps drive home this point for us.  As the Hymn “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” says, “It was my sin that held Him there.”


Activity of the Day: The brutality that Jesus experienced on the cross was endured because of OUR sin, not His.  Take some time to confess your sin to your heavenly Father today.

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