March 10

Read: John 16:4b-15

As amazing as it must have seemed to them, Jesus actually told His disciples that it was “to their advantage” that He go away. This must have seemed like crazy talk to the disciples.  After all, Jesus being beside them allowed them to witness the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, and the dead rising!  What a wild thing for Jesus to say (that the disciples would be better off if Jesus “left them.”)  Of course Jesus was correct in His assertion.  Jesus knew that if He went away, He would go to the cross to offer forgiveness to His followers.  Then He would rise from the dead offering the promise of Eternal Life to His followers.  Then He would send the Holy Spirit as a helper to empower the disciples in a number of areas.  Though Jesus statement at first appears odd, it was (in fact) gloriously right. 

Question of the Day:  In what ways does the Holy Spirit “help us” according to the verses you read today?

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