Read: Mark 13:24-27

People do not get pregnant to stay pregnant.  Over time, the fun of carrying a child in the womb gives way to pain and discomfort.  At some point, the mom longs to give birth to end the pain of child bearing and meet the glorious gift of their son or daughter.  The pain of delivery is tolerable because of the child who is coming.  Over the past couple of days, we have seen the challenges that await the earth before the end of the age.  In today’s verses, though, we see that the culminating act of the end times will be the return of Jesus Christ (the Son of Man) to the earth.  When He comes, He will gather together the faithful (who will be found scattered over the entire earth).  If we know Jesus, we have this to look forward to one day!  The earth today is going through “labor pains” awaiting the arrival of the Son of Man.  The pain of today is tolerable because it reminds us of the Son who is coming.

Question of the Day: Have you ever thought about what it will be like when Jesus returns to the earth? 

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