Art by Kris Newlin
Art by Kris Newlin

Read: Mark 11:15-19

Most of the time when we think of Jesus, we think of Him smiling and peaceful.  However, Mark 11:15-19, we find Him angry and aggressive.  What got Jesus so upset?  In Jesus’ day, people still went to the Temple to offer sacrifices.  Some had taken advantage of this situation and had begun selling animals for sacrifice (at huge markups) on the Temple grounds in order to make a personal profit.  This is similar to the owner of a movie theater charging extra for popcorn in their theater because they have a captive audience.  This behavior is acceptable for the theater owner (because it is understood that their goal is to turn a profit) but it is unacceptable in the house of God (because it is the goal of the Temple to worship not take advantage of others.)

Question of the Day:  Is it ever “OK” to be angry?  If so, what kinds of things is it “OK” to be angry about?

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