Artwork by Bethany Farthing
Artwork by Bethany Farthing

Read: Luke 1:39-56

All of us are at least a little bit selfish.  Too much of the time, we talk about, think about, and are concerned about only two letters – “M” “E”.  When God gets a hold of someone’s heart, though, they begin to shift their focus upward towards God.  Their focus goes from “ME” to “HE” as they lift up the name of Jesus.  In today’s verses, we see Mary sing the very first “Christmas Song” in the bible.  As she sings, notice how many times she mentions “the Lord,” “God,” “His” or “He.” 

Question of the Day:  What are some ways you can live your life this week more focused on God than yourself?

NOTE:  Each day between now and Christmas, I will be posting these devotional thoughts concerning Advent to this blog.  The artwork for each day is a product of children from Wildwood Community Church‘s Children’s ministry.  You can also access these posts via the “wildwoodchildren” Instagram feed or Wildwood Community Church’s Facebook page.

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