On Sunday, September 6, 2015 at Wildwood Community Church, I preached a message based out of Romans 2:1-16.  This message was part 4 in the “Good News” series.  Below are a set of questions (and the sermon audio) for those who missed the message live or want to go deeper for personal study or with their small group.


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Good News part 4


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  1. Read Romans 2:1-16
  2. Have you ever thought that there are a certain class of people who are worthy of God’s judgment?  (Maybe someone who hurt you, ruthless world dictators, child abusers, etc.)
  3. Have you ever placed a higher standard on others than you have on yourself (when it comes to pleasing God)?
  4. In Romans 2:1-3, Paul argues that we should be careful to try to focus God’s wrath on others, because we have done “the very same things.”  In what way have you done the “very same things” as the people you targeted in the answer to question 2 above?
  5. Paul seems to be arguing in Romans 2:4 that sometimes people rely on God’s mercy for themselves, but pour out God’s wrath on others.  Has this been something you have ever seen play out in religious people around the world (not necessarily Christians)?
  6. The point of Romans 2:6-11 seems to be that judgment will come upon people and be based on their works.  Does this seem right to you, or does it bother you?  Why does it bother you?
  7. God does not allow anyone to “clep” out of judgment based on what family they come from, how much money they make or gave, who they know, etc.  All people will be held accountable for their actions . . . AND the conscience of man universally reminds us that we are in need of great mercy.  How has your conscience helped convict you of the sin in your life?
  8. This passage (like the rest in this section from 1:18-3:20) focus on mankind’s sinfulness.  The emphasis is NOT to focus on one person’s sin over another, but to highlight that ALL have sinned and fall short of God’s glory.  We all need God’s righteousness given to us because we cannot earn it on our own.  Judgment is by works, but salvation is by grace through faith.  We are saved by trusting in Jesus’s works and allowing God to credit us with His righteousness so that we might escape God’s judgment and wrath and be united with Him forever.  Whose works are you trusting in for your eternity:  yours or Jesus Christ?  If yours, what is keeping you from trusting in Jesus Christ today?



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