On Sunday, June 28, 2015 at Wildwood Community Church, I preached a sermon based out of 1 Peter 2:11-25.  This message was part 4 in the “True Grace” series.  Below are a set of questions for personal reflection or group discussion based on this message.



  1. Read 1 Peter 2:11-25
  2. Do you ever struggle with wondering how we are to live as Christians in a secular society?  What are some of the topics/areas/questions you have about how we are to live as Christians in the United States in 2015?
  3. Christians are called to stand out, not merely fit in with their lifestyle.  This requires believers denying their fleshly desires and choosing to obey Christ instead.  What are some of the temptations you face in your life today?  In Peter’s words, on what issues is your soul at war (2:11)?
  4. So far in 1 Peter, we have seen that Christians are called to live a stand out holy life “for God” (1:15-16) and “for us” (in harmony with our new identity – 1:23-25).  However in 2:12, Peter reminds believers that they also live a righteous life to influence the pagan world around them.  How have you seen the righteous actions of Christians influence people to follow Christ?
  5. In 2:13-17, Christians are called to submit to governing authorities.  What do you think Peter means that Christians are to submit to rulers . . . including Nero (who was Emperor of Rome at that time)?  Based on what these verses say (and the overall context of this section), why are Christians to submit to governing authorities?
  6. Is there ever a time when Christians are not to obey their government?  Under what circumstances would a Christian practice civil disobedience?
  7. In 2:18-20, Christian slaves are called to submit to their masters.  Placed in a larger context (for application today), Christians are called to submit to their employers (even if their employers are not very Christian in their behavior).  What does this mean for you as you work within your job?  Any applications you take away from this section?
  8. In 2:21-25, Jesus is put forth as the One who provides both our example and our salvation.  In what way is Jesus an example to those who are suffering in the world today?
  9. What did Jesus do to secure salvation for those who believe in Him?  Have you placed your faith and trust in Jesus to be the Savior of your sins and the Shepherd of your soul?  If so, when?  If not, what is keeping you from trusting Christ today?
  10. What applications or takeaways did you have from today’s message?

To access the entire “True Grace” study, click here.


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