The Gift 3

“The night before Christmas is dark, but the Christmas Light brings life.”  This was the central message I shared yesterday morning at Wildwood Community Church in the sermon I preached out of Luke 1:78-79.

Below, I have included a variety of things from yesterday’s service below, including the audio file of the sermon (video audio and “Carol of the Bells” audio included.)  You can either listen online to the sermon via the audio player, or download the audio to listen to later.

Additionally, I have included the video we showed about some of Wildwood’s involvement in the community (and the world) over the past year AND the video of Wildwood Worship Team’s version of “Carol of the Bells.”  Enjoy!

Sermon audio (via media player):

To download the sermon, click on this file:

The Gift #4


“Ready for Takeoff” Landing Video:


“Carol of the Bells”:

One thought on “Christmas Light Brings Life

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