I have written before on this blog about how I once turned down a free ticket to a James Taylor concert.  Maybe one of the worst musical decisions of my life.  I really like his music, and a few years back he released a Christmas album.  One of the songs on the album was “Go Tell it On the Mountain.”  It is great to hear JT sing about Jesus.  Below is a video of the song in case you have not heard his version.  It hints of “Sweet Baby James.”

SIDE NOTE:  I was singing this song in the car earlier tonight trying to do my best JT impersonation.  Kimberly and Josh agreed that I sounded like I was sick.  Had to come home and listen to his version to redeem the night.  Hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “JT Singing about Jesus

  1. We went to hear him at an outdoor concert at the OKC zoo amphitheater. It was slightly rainy and there was a full double rainbow over the stage. Life is so good sometimes!

  2. oh that was me, I didn’t mean to be mysteriously anonymous. Everyone needs to know where to direct their jealousy.

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