2 thoughts on “A Father’s Stories, pt. 3 (Sermon Audio)

  1. I have been listening to your messages; indeed, I wait expectantly for Tuesday to get here so that I can hear your messages.
    You had a post a while back called “Leadership Hub Bub”. I started composing a response to that post, and it got really “wander-y” and I never sent it. I wanted to make the point that I believe the main thing a leader can be is humble–decisive, proactive, focused, yes, but always willing to listen well to the people he is leading and to learn from them. This is one of the strengths of your leadership, and I really appreciate that about you. I also believe that, as time goes on, there is a temptation to ignore input because we become more “expert” in our area of leadership, and the people giving input “just don’t get it.” I pray that you will always resist that temptation.

    Speaking of humility, I believe that is a factor in prayer and in confession of sin. We have to admit that we are sinning to confess it, and that is often difficult for me. I tend to rationalize or avoid confessing for a while, but thank God for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit and for His patience with me! Thank God, also, for people God uses to help point out sin to me, even when they don’t even know that I need it pointed out.

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the encouragement about these messages. It is pure joy for me to study these passages with the Body as well, and I am glad we can dialogue about this on the internet (if not also in person) . . . we need to get together soon!

    As for the comment concerning the “Leadership Hub Bub” I am totally impressed that you read that post! I was reading some books for my dissertation and up late one night and wrote those thoughts down. I posted it on the internet then went to bed, woke up and thought, “That was a long rambling yarn! Maybe I should take that down and edit it or ponder it some more before the world see sit 🙂 I took it off the site. Only people who had me on an rss feed (or checked my blog at just the right moment) would have read it!
    Your points here are a good one. One of the profound implications of the “Body” analogy is that no one part has “cornered the market” on perspective, vision, understanding, gifting for ministry, etc – and all parts of the Body are necessary for the ministry God has called the church to. Applying the “Body” truth must include listening as a central role of anyone in an office of leadership, because God can use any and all parts of the Body to will and to work for His good pleasure. Great reminder, and something I will continue to trust God with in my life and ministry. You model this well Bill!

    Your reminder about confession is great also. Thanks for reading and reflecting on life with me. I am greatly blessed. . .

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