As I write this post I am sitting in a log cabin on Wollaston Lake in far northern Saskatchewan with 13 friends preparing for a day of fishing. This trip includes many benefits:

1 – Separation from reality…I get to be on vacation for five days with little responsibility.

2 – Time with friends…Five days of stories, laughter and good times.

3 – Protection…The camp staff protects us from bears, wolves and weather.

4 – Provision…Three squares of fried fish and other food that tastes as good as it looks.

5 – Leadership…A guide takes us to spots where fish love the taste of metal.

6 – Comfort…The power of men together buoys all our spirits.

I get to participate in this trip for one reason: my friendship with a friend. He has invited me to participate in this trip and because I am with him, all these benefits also flow my way. It is a package deal and causes me to want to say thank you every five minutes.

As I read Revelation 7:14-17, I see a situation promised to all Christians which reminds me of my time in Saskatchewan: Blessings that include:

1 – Separation from sin…Our “robes” are                  washed clean in the blood of the Lamb.

2 – Time with the Savior…We one day will be before the throne of God day and night.

3 – Protection…God spreads His tent of protection over us.

4 – Provision…We will hunger and thirst no more.

5 – Leadership…Jesus is our shepherd and He leads us to living water.

6 – Comfort…God Himself will wipe away every tear from our eyes.

We get all these blessings for one reason…our association with a Friend of sinners, Jesus Christ. He has graciously invited us to a heavenly destination, and because we are with Him, all these blessings are a reality; and they are a reality far better than any fishing trip.

Though we have fish at Wollaston, by dinner time we will be hungry again. Though we have guides on the boats, we will leave them here when we return home. The blessings are temporary, but the spiritual blessings of Christ are eternal. As you think of these blessings packaged for us, take five minutes to praise our great and gracious God!

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