Artwork by Emma Villiger
Artwork by Emma Villiger

Read: Luke 2:4 (Nazareth)

Joseph and Mary were from a small town in northern Israel known as Nazareth.  In Jesus’s day, the city of Nazareth had a population of less than 500 people.  Instead of having the parents of Jesus be celebrities who lived in famous cities, God chose Mary and Joseph . . . virtual nobodies (to everyone but God) who lived in a small town.

Question of the Day:  Why do you think God chose small town, non-famous people to be the parents of Jesus Christ?


NOTE:  Each day between now and Christmas, I will be posting these devotional thoughts concerning Advent to this blog.  The artwork for each day is a product of children from Wildwood Community Church‘s Children’s ministry.  You can also access these posts via the “wildwoodchildren” Instagram feed or Wildwood Community Church’s Facebook page.

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