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Are you looking for a resource or plan for Bible Study for this summer?  If so, I have one more option for you to consider.  At Wildwood Community Church from June 7 – August 9, 2015, I will be preaching a sermon series based on the book of 1 Peter entitled “True Grace.”  In addition to the sermons, I have written a 119 page Bible Study guide to accompany this series.  For each week of the sermon series, there are six days of guided study on the section of 1 Peter we are looking at for that week.  Then, on the seventh day (Sunday), I will be preaching on that section.  Therefore, if you are going to study along with this, you can begin week one on Monday, June 1.


You can access this study in a variety of ways:


My hope and prayer is that through these resources we will all come to a greater understanding of who Jesus Christ is, and what He has done for us, so that we would have faith, hope and love as we live out our lives in hostile territory.  If you end up using this study, please let me know!
In Christ,

Mark Robinson

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