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On Sunday, December 21, 2014, I preached a sermon at Wildwood Community Church entitled “Who Adores Him?”  This was part 3 of the series “O Come Let Us Adore Him” and was based out of Luke 2:8-20.  Below are some questions for further personal or group discussion.


  1. Read Luke 2:8-20
  2. Why do you think the Lord sent the angels to the shepherds on that first Christmas night?  (i.e. why not send the angels to the priests or builders?)
  3. Why do you think the shepherds afraid when they saw the angels in the sky?
  4. Have you ever considered what you would do if you were to come face to face with God, or one of His angels?
  5. If you were to die tonight and immediately go into the presence of the Lord, would you be fearful of what He would do with you (why or why not)?
  6. The angels told the shepherds that Jesus birth was “good news of great joy for all the people.”  Why was Jesus birth such good news?
  7. Have you ever come to the person of Jesus and exchanged your fear for His peace?  Have you ever come to receive His life and forgiveness?
  8. The shepherds adored the birth of Jesus by glorifying and praising God (they seem to be quite demonstrative in Luke 2:20), while Mary worshiped in quiet, treasuring these things in her heart (2:19).  What does this tell you about what genuine worship looks like?

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