Two months from now, it will be Thanksgiving.  Two months ago, a significant event occurred for which we are thankful.  Two months ago today Kimberly received a transplanted kidney from her sister Angie.  We are still praising God for this provision today.

Since we are now at the two month mark, we wanted to take a moment to update you on how things are going:

  • Kimberly’s new kidney is performing brilliantly.  All her blood work is coming back normal . . . what an amazing turn of events!
  • The blood that pooled inside Kimberly post-surgery has begun to reduce in size.  The most recent ultrasound shows it to have shrunk by almost 50% over the past two months.  This is great news!
  • Kimberly’s tracheostomy site has completely healed up.  She can now take normal showers without fear of water leaking into her windpipe.  Praise!
  • Kimberly had the stent removed from her bladder about three weeks ago.  This was a normal post-surgical procedure.  Everything went great!
  • Angie has also healed nicely.  She continues to feel better every week.  We are so thankful still for her sacrificial gift!
  • I have been able to resume a normal schedule this past month, even speaking at the OU Cru/Wildwood College Life retreat two weeks ago.  We are so thankful that God allows us to serve Him in different ways.  Also, Josh and I got to go on a Father/Son Campout with our church this past weekend.  It was wet but very fun and memorable.

Please join us in praising God for His work!

Also, please be in prayer for the following:

  • Continue to pray that Kimberly does not get sick.  As most of you are aware, she is on some very strong immuno-suppression medication.  She is more susceptible to getting ill and it takes longer to get over illness if she does catch something.  So far, so good in this department.
  • Pray that Kimberly would not experience any more pain in either of her surgical sites.  Pray that the pain from the transplant site due to the hematoma continues to decrease, and also pray that the pain she has at the site of the tracheostomy would not bother her.
  • Pray that the tracheostomy site would heal in a way that would not require a scar revision surgery later.
  • Pray that Kimberly’s blood pressure stabilizes.  She takes medication for her blood pressure and the doctors have continued to alter this medication since the surgery.  Sometimes it is too high, sometimes it is too low.  Pray for a consistent, good blood pressure scores.  Also pray for Kimberly’s pulse to stay in normal ranges.
  • Pray that Kimberly would be encouraged and not discouraged as the recovery moves into its third month.  Pray for rich times in God’s Word, in fellowship with friends and family (when the opportunity presents itself), and in prayer.

Thanks for joining us in prayer on this journey!

Josh and I at the Father/Son Campout this weekend


3 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. Mark, what a good report. Thank you for the update and for letting us know what to pray. I wondered what the average healing time is: 6 months, a year? Somewhat different for individuals, I’m sure. I will continue to pray for God’s good hand on Kimberly, giving Him all the glory.
    In Him, Martha

  2. Thanks for posting this. It’s a blessing to know God and know how he is working in your lives. With the evil of the world swirling all around it is a blessing to see the hope that is in God. PTL!

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