Kimberly and Angie today in the transplant clinic after their check-ups!

Hello friends.  I wanted to post a quick update this afternoon to let you know how things are going around the Robinson household now 15 days after transplant . . .

We spent the morning at the hospital today doing lab work, a CT scan, and meeting with the doctor for our routine two week follow-up appointment.  The news we got today was very good.  Kimberly’s new kidney is doing great.  She still has the hematoma behind her new kidney (from the internal bleeding right after surgery), but the CT today confirmed that it has not really grown since it was drained by needle ten days ago.  She has a pool of fluid about two-thirds the size of her fist that is sitting behind the new kidney, but it is not putting pressure on her new kidney or causing distress.  They think this fluid will just absorb into her body over the next 4-6 weeks.  This is the source of the tenderness she has experienced, but they are confident that additional surgery will not be needed to correct it.  This is a major praise!  Also, the blood she experienced in her urine over the weekend has stopped.  Another praise!

Also, Angie had her first check-up since leaving the hospital.  Things looked good and she was released to return home!  After 20 days in the Sooner state she is boarding a plane in a few hours and headed back to her husband and kids.  We are praising God with them and looking forward to their reunion tonight.

Thanks for joining us in prayer.  Please continue to pray for recovery and lack of complications.  Things are looking good.

Josh spent some time this morning reading the paper (financial section), drinking some coffee, and eating a fruit cup. Looks like he has spent too much time with grandparents the past couple of weeks 🙂

6 thoughts on “Two Week Follow Up

  1. That is great and news and show what the power of Prayer can do. Will keep praying for all. Regina Brown

  2. now wait a second…. that was Hot Chocolate that Josh called coffee…. And the money section is just pre -K education in capitalism…. Grand Pa K…

  3. Great news! Also, I love that pic of Josh – he looks like a little man. Ashley B

  4. Praise God! SO happy about great news. Grandparents are awesome at spoiling the babes. Mine are usually overly concerned with weather and CNN/Fox news/Dateline when they come home from a stay. lol

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