Good evening friends.  Another update on my favorite kidney donor and transplant recipient . . . today was a very busy day for Kimberly.  They did the CT guided aspiration of the blood that had pooled just after surgery and took 3 syringes of fluid out.  After getting this done, Kimberly felt much better.  This was a major praise.  She can now lie down without too much pain and walk standing straight up.  Big progress.  So thankful for the doctors ordering this procedure as it will lead to Kimberly feeling better and hopefully recovering faster.

This afternoon was a whirlwind of conversations with various members of the transplant team.  We got lots of good info about diet, warning signs to look out for, pharmacy education, and a preview of what clinic checkups will be like.  There was a lot to process, but the team here does a fabulous job.  We are so thankful for them!

Kimberly will most likely be discharged tomorrow.  Our hospital stay is just about over.

Angie is continuing to recover.  We have heard several people talk about how the transplant process is more painful for the donor than the recipient.  Please continue to pray for Angie as she recovers.  She has given an incredible gift, and we want her to get back on her feet fast and with no lingering complications.

Overall, the past week has felt like it moved by at the simultaneously at the speed of light and at the speed of thick maple syrup.  It is so wild to think we are going home tomorrow, but it is also seems like we have lived three lives in the past five days.  Thanks for praying with us in this journey!  God is using you to minister to us in a significant way.

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  1. Great news! I’m so glad the procedure worked and she is starting to feel better!

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