Good morning everyone! Kimberly was able to sleep a little more last night,which is a major praise. Also, this morning they took a few of the tubes out of her which is also good and hopefully will help her be more comfortable. She still has the pain near where the bleeding happened earlier this week, so they are going to do a radiology guided aspiration today. We are actually in the waiting cue area for this procedure right now. They’re very backed up but we are told that we will be able to get back with the radiologist sometime around noon. Please pray for an effective procedure that alleviates the pain. Also pray that they do not have any complications and that Kimberly experiences no pain with this. Also pray that she is able to calm down as we wait. She is uncomfortable and anxious.

Otherwise, things look good for Kimberly and they are talking about when she might be able to go home.

Angie rested well (from what I understand) last night. She is still experiencing normal post-surgical pain. Please continue to pray for maximum healing and minimum discomfort with no complications.

Also, continue to pray that Jesus Christ is glorified in all we do. Thanks everyone! I’ll update later on how the aspiration went.

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  1. Thanks for the update! I will be praying for the procedure this morning. Ashley Brice

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