It was so wonderful tonight to hear Kimberly’s voice.  For four days, she has communicated to me through looks, writing, lip reading, and charades.  After just four days with the big trach in, she was downsized tonight, and I got to hear her sweet voice again.  It was such a huge blessing for both of us.  The clarity of her voice allowed us to communicate more freely and intimately than we had in the past few days.  It was truly great.  I choked up with tears when I first heard her speak tonight . . . it was as though I had just gotten her back.  Even though we had spent much of the past four days side-by-side, it was just different to hear her speak.

As I have been thinking about what a blessing it was to hear her this afternoon, I was mindful of the day when we will experience a similar metamorphosis in our relationship with the Lord.  Right now, we live in a time when our communication with God is direct (i.e. not through another medium), but limited in some respects to the written word, feelings, and looks.  When Jesus Christ returns to the earth, however, we will not just read about Him, or feel the breeze of His Spirit’s breath . . . no, when Christ returns, we will hear His voice with our own ears.

This reality should encourage us greatly.  It should encourage us to know that God can be known, and that we will hear directly from Him one day.  It also should encourage us to live a life of trust and obedience today . . . because when we hear Him speak, we will want His words to say, “well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

I am quite sure that I will again have tears of joy on the future Day of the Lord . . . though I get to walk with Him today, it will be awesome to hear Him speak.

6 thoughts on “Hear the Voice

  1. Just caught up since Monday. Thank you for your written testimony of God’s goodness, sovereignty and your faithfulness! I am blessed to be such long-time friends with committed believers. I worship God as I read and pondered your words and the experience.

  2. I am overjoyed by the positive news the doctors are giving you and the courage you are all displaying…as well as faith. I praise God Kimberly and Angie are both doing so well. They are blessed to have so much love and support around them, and I’m praying for a full recovery for both. Thanks for keeping us all posted…checking fb daily on vacation!

  3. yes, when that day come..oh what a day of rejoicing that would be, Mark! Thank you for sharing! A great big hug from all of us here in DC! ~ Ratu for the Schaffner Family

  4. All of the Tabbs are rejoicing with you! We love the updates! Technology can be a wonderful thing.

  5. That’s really beautiful, Mark. Been praying for you guys and will continue to do so!

  6. We’re always so blessed by the analogies God gives you through life’s experiences. So thankful the kidney is working well and Angie has been dismissed to continue recovery. Thanks so much for keeping everyone updated concerning their progress. Carolyn

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