Good morning friends!  I am writing you today from the transplant ICU at Integris.  I am sitting with Kimberly as she is receiving outstanding care from her doctors and nurses.  In the midst of a year where it is common to complain about health care, I am so thankful that we have such skilled, experienced, and kind doctors and nurses.  Thank you Lord for this provision!

Kimberly is in quite a bit of discomfort and pain . . . which is to be expected for someone who had two major surgeries yesterday.  The big news concerning her condition right now has to do with some internal bleeding that she has had/is having around her surgical site.  This morning her blood count was a 6.2 which is considered “critically low.”  They have given her one blood transfusion already and are starting another as I type this.  As I mentioned yesterday, because of the blood clot she had during surgery, they put Kimberly on a blood thinner.  While the blood thinner is great at keeping clots from forming, it can cause bleeding especially right after surgery.  They did an ultrasound this morning and saw that the blood was pooling behind the transplanted kidney.  This is not (in itself) a huge problem.  If the bleeding stops and does not put pressure on her new kidney, then it will just dissipate in her body over time.  If, however, the blood starts putting pressure on the new kidney, they will take Kimberly back to surgery today to clean it up.  In the mean time, they have taken her off the blood thinner and are planning on doing more tests and blood work after the transfusions finish a couple of hours from now.

I have not been up to see Angie yet today, so I will post another update about her as soon as I hear the latest.  I did talk to her physician, however, and he said she was doing “very well.”  I’ll keep you posted when I hear more!

Some things to specifically pray for Kimberly right now:

  • That the bleeding stops and does not put pressure on her kidney, requiring additional surgery.
  • That frustrations are kept to a minimum due to the difficulty in communicating with the trach in . . . she cannot talk right now with it in.
  • That she would not have pain and be comfortable.
  • That she would be able to cough to help her lungs.  This is tough with the incision and the trach.
  • That the doctors would have skill in how to respond.
  • That the love of Christ would shine through us to the excellent staff here at the hospital and that we would experience deep fellowship with Him during this recent trial.


Thanks everyone!  more soon as I get more updates. It is a huge blessing to know that so many are with us in prayer today!!

14 thoughts on “9:30 AM Update (July 31,2012)

  1. Mark, I know first hand that she will continue to get the best after care around. Still praying for both girls. Hang in there because transplants can be a roller coaster ride. Love you!!!

  2. Praying for all and grateful to prayers answered…..thanks for keeping us up to date on your blog Mark. Hugs!

  3. Sandy Powers Arnold and Wayne Arnold, high school classmates of the girls’ mother, Heather, pass along our best wishes.

  4. Great Physician touch these ladies today. Bring healing to their bodies after the surgeries. Please stop the bleeding just as when the woman touched your garment those many years ago.

  5. Hang in There…..We will continue praying…

    Mark and Sara McClure

  6. Praying, Mark. Thank you for the specific information. It helps to know how to pray.

  7. Praying every time I think of you all (including Josh) and that’s often.

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