Friends decorated our fence and yard this morning. What a fun and encouraging surprise!



The waiting room was full all day of friends and family.

Just a few minutes ago, I left Angie’s room. Seeing her smiling face was such a huge encouragement to me. I asked her how she was. She said she was “great.” I said, “Liar.” To which she responded, “I am mostly full of joy (and pain medication)!” What an amazing person. We are praising God that she is out of surgery and doing well.

Kimberly’s surgery finished with a sovereign and skillful flurry. After completing the transplant process, the surgeon noticed that the new kidney did not “look quite right.” He checked a few things, then decided to redo the attachment to the artery. When he did this, he noticed that Kimberly had a blood clot in the vein. Praise God, the doctor caught it when he did, and was able to fix the problem. I am so thankful for a very skilled and experienced surgeon and a God who always sees and hears our prayers. Everything looks good now, and she is in the recovery room. She will be on a blood thinner for the next while, so they are putting her in ICU here. All in all, though, we are very grateful and thankful for how the day went. I hope to see Kimberly soon when she gets out of recovery.

I’ll update more when I get a chance. Join me in praising God for His provision, protection, and peace. It was a long day, but God was with us all the while. We had a full room of friends and family in the waiting room with us all day, and I know there were hundreds more of you joining us in prayer from (literally) around the world. Know this: God hears and God was here.

12 thoughts on “4:30 PM Update (7/30/12)

  1. This is great news! What a blessing that the surgeon found the blood clot. Thanks for taking time out of such a busy and stress-filled day to keep us updates so we can pray and rejoice with y’all!

  2. I am so happy to hear this good news. I pray and pray that both of you will be back to yourselves in no time. God Bless you and your friends and family. Thank God for great neighbors like Ken & Tammy as well. They are amazing to be here to help with the children. Always, Jerry & Debbie Richardson

  3. Wow. Two good catches by the doctor. Thanks for the update.

  4. GOD was in the operating room with the doctors and nurses. Praise the Lord!!

  5. Mike and I are so thrilled to hear the great news about Kimberly & that Angie is doing well! You are all in our prayers. God is good! Love, Ann & Mike Thompson

  6. Team Robinson – We are so grateful for God’s provision & presence………Praising Him with you – Amy (Shacklett) & Brandon White

  7. Praise the Lord! Please keep the updates coming and know that we are still praying for total healing for both Kimberly and Angie! John and Penny Sampler

  8. We are praising Our amazing God with you for the health of everyone and the support surrounding you all. We will continue to pray for recovery! Jeff and Kristen Hannam

  9. Thank the Lord that Grace you bestowed on Kimberly, the great doctors, and of course Angie, which made the girls come out of surgery doing quite well. I know thaty Kimberly is still in ICU and I will pray, as have prayed before and during surgery and I will pray that Kimberly and Angie come out of this 100%. I know that Kimberly has a great deal of recovery time, however, I know that she will fight this with all her might and The Lord is with Kimberly right now in His hands. Mark, I am too praying that He will keep you strong through this recovery time with Kimberly and your whole family and of course Josh.
    Praise His mighty name!
    Debbie Chandler

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