Tuesday night I saw the movie “The Avengers.”  I mention this to you all because many of you probably heard me reference this movie in last Sunday’s message.  Marvel Studios has been priming the pump and preparing our hearts and minds for this band of supermen and women for a long time.  From the release of the original “Iron Man” movie four years ago, Marvel has been teasing us with “The Avengers” through clips, trailers, Hollywood buzz, hidden scenes, etc.

For many years now and in various ways, Marvel has been communicating to us about their movie.  From this communication, we can understand many things about “The Avengers.”  From the prequels, clips, etc. we know who many of the central characters are, what the general plot line is, etc.   However, in order to fully understand the film, we need to actually see the movie.  In the movie, in one 150 minute block, we will get a final revelation of “The Avengers.”

If you were with us last week, you know that I see echoes of this pattern in Hebrews 1:1-4.  In these verses, we see God tell us that over many years and in various ways, through the Old Testament era, God was communicating to us about Himself.  This communication was somewhat fragmented (as it came to people over 1,000 years) and incomplete (by New Testament admission, there were parts of God’s truth that were mysteries in the Old Testament time).  In Hebrews 1:1-4, it is as if God was saying, I gave you the trailers for my revelation in the Old Testament, but if you want to really know me, you need to see the “feature film” of Jesus’ life.  In those first four verses of Hebrews 1, the author is arguing for the superiority of the revelation of God found in Christ by pointing out the fact that Jesus Himself is the “exact representation of God” and the “radiance of His glory.”  These verses highlight His deity, and demand a proper response (2:1-4).  If you have not heard the full message, I would invite you to download it from the iTunes music store in Wildwood Community Church’s podcast, or found on wildwoodchurch.org.

This week, we will be continuing our sermon series on the book of Hebrews (entitled “Anchored”) by looking at Hebrews 2:5-18.  If Hebrews 1:1-2:4 argued for the deity of Jesus Christ, Hebrews 2:5-18 argues for the necessity of the humanity of Jesus.  Come this week as we explore that concept more in our 9:30 and 10:50 worship services.

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