In today’s age, it is fascinating how fast information travels.  I just downloaded an IOS app this week called “Flipboard.”  This amazing little app organizes all the articles and pictures my friends share on Twitter and Facebook into one magazine like interface.  I can literally pick up my phone and see what information is interesting to my friends 24 hours a day.  In our socially networked world, news moves fast, and you can share what moves you with others with the click of a button.

Sharing information that moves us over the internet is a new phenomena, but the notion that we talk about what matters to us is as old as the Garden of Eden.  When we eat at a restaurant we like, we tell others about it.  When we watch a movie that makes us laugh or cry or stand up and cheer, we pass along our review.  When we meet someone who has a positive impact on our lives, we have a tendency to want to introduce that person to others.

Given this reality, why is it that we sometimes feel awkward about introducing others to Jesus Christ?  After all, for Christians, Jesus is who DEFINES us.  He is who we live for.  We understand that no one loves us like He does.  Given that, why do we hesitate to “share” Christ with others?

I think it is largely NOT because we devalue our role in evangelism, it is because we overvalue it.  We assume that it is our role to answer every question, change every mind, and present everything flawlessly.  When we think of sharing Christ in this way, we never do it because we assume there is someone more qualified.  The reality is, however, that our role is not to convince, change, or coerce.  Our job is to introduce Jesus to others.  It is an introduction, not an indoctrination that we are a part of in the evangelism process.  Ultimately, the job of saving, changing, and convincing is God’s work . . . and He is infinitely qualified!

This Sunday morning at Wildwood, I will be preaching from John 4.  in this message we will look at how we can be involved in introducing others to Christ.  This message will be both personal (I’ll share some of how God has worked in my own life) and challenging (sharing opportunities for all of us to “share” Christ this Easter season.)  Hope you can join us in either the 9:30 or 10:50 service this Sunday, March 25.

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  1. Mark, I really enjoyed your sermon today. Really made an impact on me, and the feeling I often have of what I have to do share with others. Understanding that control that God has is such a huge part of that. Thanks!

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