As a father of a four year old, I watch my fair share of super hero cartoons.  This is not a stretch for me, because when it comes to entertainment options, I have a lot of four year old boy in me.  We have a Netflix subscription that allows us access to tens of thousands of movies, and yet the only thing we ever watch on “the Red” (as my son calls it), are super hero cartoons or the random episode of “Phineas and Ferb.”

One thing that always amazes me about super heroes in these cartoons is their ability to maintain their secret identity.  Superman and Clark Kent are separated only by a pair of glasses, yet people who work with the Man of Steel everyday do not link the two together.  Apparently the journalists who work at the Daily Planet are about as observant as the referees in the OU/Oregon game in 2006.  But anyway . . . I digress.

Occasionally, however, when fighting with the bad guys gets really intense, the super heroes identity comes peeking through.  The blows of combat some times rip through the nylon of our heroes masks, showing who they really are under all that spandex.

I was thinking of this today as I read Romans 12:17-21.  These five verses talk about conflict that believers face in an evil world.  Persecution, injustice, and sin permeate our environment, and often demand some kind of response from us.  How do we respond in the combat of our world?  In many ways, the tears and tugs on our exterior that come from living in this fallen world should reveal to us (and others) who we really are underneath.  Since Christ has come to dwell within us and His Spirit marks our new identity in Him, when we are attacked in this world, we should show forth our new identity in Christ.

This Sunday at Wildwood, we will conclude our 4 week series on Romans 12 entitled, “Therefore” by looking at the action God calls forth from us in response to the opposition we face in this life.  We will see this from Romans 12:17-21.  Take a look at those verses, and plan to join us on Sunday morning at Wildwood in either the 9:30 or 10:50 service.

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