I have been thinking about something lately:

  1. With abundance comes choices.
  2. With choices come complexity.
  3. With complexity comes decisions.
  4. With decisions come anxiety.

Anyone who has had to decide what to wear to an important event, where to eat for lunch with friends, or who to invite to a birthday party is familiar with this concept (whether you realize it or not). If you only have one set of clothing, then it is very simple what you are going to wear. If you can only afford Ramen Noodles, then it is easy to decide what’s for lunch. If you only have one friend, then your invitation list is short and sweet. It is in abundance that our lives become more complex as we have to decide between options. These are the kind of “first world problems” that Americans face today.

American Christians who have been blessed with an abundance of God’s provision have to choose more than just what they wear, where they eat, and who they invite . . . they must also choose where to invest their time, talent, and treasure for eternal things. With this blessing comes options. One of the options many of us are presented with on a regular basis is supporting missionaries and para-church organizations with our prayers and finances. We are presented with the opportunities to support ministry via letters, emails, and phone calls. In response to these calls, Christians give generously . . . but is this a good choice? Christians must decide where to invest their resources . . . and this is a complex process! As a matter of fact, as we make decisions to support or not support different ministries and individuals, we may even feel a bit anxious (“Am I making the right choice?”)

Though this is an experience that all Christians go through, typically the only time people talk to us about it is when they are simultaneously asking us for money. This Sunday at Wildwood, I hope to change that. I want us to look into God’s Word together on the topic of supporting missionaries, while not simultaneously raising money for missionary support. Tucked away in the book of 3 John, God has given us a set of verses that help us to understand more our support of ministry we don’t directly see. Join us in the 9:30 or 10:50 service as we take a look at the “Other Side of the Letter.” Hope to see you there!

One thought on “The Other Side of the Letter – Preview

  1. Great statement of a real problem…and a blessed opportunity. I’m sorry I won’t be there! The lift on my van is broken, so my decisions about getting out for a while have been simplified. I’ll catch your message on the web. Blessings to you, Brother!

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