This is the third installment of our Community Group leader training.  In this post you will find pdf handout and slides from last Sunday night’s session.  These items include:

1.  Slides that Mark Burget used to talk about relationship evangelism possibilities for small groups.  See that file here:  Burget on Evangelism

2.  Slides that I showed about some ideas for childcare:  Childcare Options slides

3.  A pdf document used by Mark Burget on evangelism utilizing the open forums he does with Search Ministries (Check out pages 1, 2, 11, 14-18 . . . Mark referenced these pages Sunday night).  Open Forum Document

4.  Here is the audio file from the first half of our presentation last week.  Sorry, the audio from the second half did not make it!  CG Leader Training #3 (July 24, 2011)


Listen online here:

More info for leaders coming soon. . .

One thought on “Community Group Leader Training, Week 3

  1. I like the idea of taking a pirtcue every day. I have just switched over to the Pro version and would like to be able to import the photos from the trial version to the pro version. I also agree with the previous recommendation of adding the ability to take more than on photo a day, possibly using one photo as the base of a package all of the photos taken of the day. One thing to consider, give the user the option to add additional or multiple photos of the day. If this makes the project to complicated, maybe consider turing the daily photo project to a photo album project.

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