Over the past five Sundays at Wildwood Community Church, I have been preaching through a series entitled, “A Father’s Stories,” looking at some of the famous Bible stories that parents tell their children from the perspective of “grown-up” children of our heavenly Father.  Over these weeks, we looked at the stories of Creation (Genesis 1), David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17), Jesus calling of Simon (Luke 5), Jesus and Zacchaeus (Luke 19), and Jesus and Bartimaeus (Mark 10).  I have arranged the key points from this series into a slide show with music that is posted below.  My hope in posting this is that you might remember some of the things that God has taught you through His Word this past month, and seek to continue to apply them in your lives today.

The song in the video is Matt Maher’s “Sing Over Your Children” and the illustrations are from Ella Lindvall’s “Read Aloud Bible Story Books.”  The video (for some reason) cut off the outer edges when converting to YouTube, so if the margins look truncated on some slides, you will know why.  Hope you enjoy!

One thought on “A Father’s Stories Video Recap

  1. I enjoyed the slide show! Thanks for taking the time to do it…but how did you turn those pages without showing your hand??

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