Wildwood exists to glorify God by shining as LIGHT in our homes, our community, and the world (Matthew 5:14-16).  As we begin 2010, would you join us in prayer, trusting God with accomplishing His mission through us this year?  This first week of the year, we are dedicating each day to prayer for a different aspect of ministry.  Today, we are highlighting prayer for our community . . . specifically praying for Children.  We have asked Wildwood’s Children’s Pastor Brian Hayes to write a prayer focus for us today.  Please use this as a prompt in prayer tonight!

From Pastor Brian Hayes:

Let me start by saying I am so thankful to be a part of a body of believers where “children” made the list of a prayer focused week in kicking off a New Year. So much going on in our world, so many things to pray for… it’s just refreshing to see how personal Wildwood’s prayer emphasis week is (marriages, children, youth, college, adults, government, and missions), with the common thread being people.

As an advocate for the children, and specifically the children of our community, I’d like to suggest the following prayer requests leading into 2010.

  1. Spiritual formation. That God would continue to mature young believers to the image of His Son. That children will increase their love for God, His Word, and others.
  2. God’s protection. The media is increasingly influencing children with anti-Christ messages and a prevalent secular worldview. Pray that God would shield children from the evil that begs to enslave them, and replace it the holy nature of Himself. May children witness believers effectively using the armor of God as it’s intended.
  3. Children saved. That God would use us at Wildwood to strategically reach the children in our community with the Gospel.
  4. The Children’s Potential. Just as the boy who offered up his lunch to the disciples in the feeding of the 5,000, the children of Wildwood have something to offer this community as well. Pray that God would use His children to impact their schools and neighborhoods for Christ.
  5. Unforgettable imprints. Children will never forget adults who live out a dynamic faith. Pray that God would raise up more disciplers to mark His ways on the souls of children.
  6. Family matters. Pray for positive home environments where children are encouraged in their faith. A place where mom and dad model a hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  7. Broken relationships. My heart aches for children who are caught in the cross fire of battles within the home.  Pray that God would wrap His arms of love around the innocent children making it possible for them to feel safe and cherished.
  8. Ministry Expansion. God willing, in August of this year we will be moving into our new 20,000 square foot children’s ministry building.  Pray that God would use this added resource to effectively reach more children and families in our community with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Looking forward to praying with you!

For His Kids,

Brian Hayes

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