Hey everyone.  Each day during the Advent Season I have been posting a devotional to help focus our hearts on Him this holiday season.  One day each week, though, I have posted something just totally fun.  One day I posted my top 40 Christmas songs.  Another day I posted 7 video clips from Christmas movies or television shows.  Today, I am going to post just a few random items that I have found on the internet this Christmas that I thought you might enjoy.

Item #1: Wildwood Worship Team’s “Carol of the Bells” Each year, Wildwood’s worship team (under the direction of Worship Pastor Greg Hill), produces a version of the song, “Carol of the Bells” in one of our Christmas services.  Our team played this song yesterday.  Outstanding!  Part Trans-siberian Orchestra, part Mannheim Steamroller, part Steven Curtis Chapman, and all Wildwood!  Enjoy.  You can either listen to the file in the attached player by pressing the arrow, or you can download the file from our Church website here.  

Item #2:  12 Theological Doctrines of Christmas This silly video (done to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas) was recorded at an evening Christmas variety show at a church somewhere in America (NOTE:  I am unfamiliar with the church, but thought the video was funny).  Believe it or not, these are all real theological terms . . .  they are not making this stuff up!  

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