2171196258_c0dba004582009 is upon us.  You know how I know for sure?  I just replaced last year’s wall calendar with this year’s model.  Since this is a once a year event, I take it very seriously.

Every year, a couple of days after Christmas I will saunter over to Barnes and Noble to browse through their collection of calendars, now 50% off.  Whatever I select will hang on my wall for one entire year, so I examine each option carefully before making my selection.  Picking a calendar is the only shopping task I undertake that takes me longer than selecting which box of cereal I should buy, so I have plenty of time to decide if I want the calendar featuring “Ansel Adam’s America” or this years choice, “Planet Golf” (a stunning display of golf courses around the world I will never play.)

As I hung Planet Golf on the wall this year, though, I was struck with a powerful thought.  I must have looked at 50 different calendars this year, and on the top half, each of the calendars featured different pictures.  However, on the bottom of the calendar, they all said the same thing.  In all 50 calendars, January has 31 days and November has 30.  In all 50 calendars, Christmas is on a Friday and Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday.  Each calendar contained the same 365 days … only the pictures were different.

I was thinking about this as it relates to our lives.  Everyone reading this article (unless the Lord takes you home this year) will experience the same 365 days.  The bottom half of our lives will all be the same.  The question, therefore, is what pictures will you place on top of this year?  What are the images that will define your life these next 365 days.  How will you trust God this year, and what will He bring your way for you to trust Him with?  The answers to some of these questions is unknown, however, we will spend some time this Sunday at Wildwood Community Church reflecting on Ephesians 5:15-21 as we see God’s counsel to us about the time we are being entrusted with in 2009.  Happy New Year, and we will see you Sunday at 10:40!

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  1. Dear brothers ,pray for us so gods peace and grace cover us .God help you to remind all the brothers folk together praising the lord for all his mercy and patience to safe us from the devel hands.

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