superfriendsGreen Lantern has his ring.  Wonder Woman has her magic lasso.  Batman has his utility belt.  Iron Man has his suit of armor.  Captain America has his shield.  All the good ones have their non-negotiable items they always bring to the battle.  WITHOUT the ring, lasso, belt, suit, or shield, these folks are just a collection of wealthy aristocrats (with a heart of gold) running around in their pajamas.  WITH their awesome accessory, they are supreme crime fighters. 


Call the police? 

No way!  

I am shining the Bat signal as long as he comes with all of his wonderful toys.


I am thinking of this today, because the Apostle Paul writes to his “son in the faith” in 2 Timothy instructing him to bring something with him into the battle of the Christian life.  There is one thing that Paul does not want Timothy to neglect or leave behind, and he reminds Timothy of this thing over and over again in his short letter.  What is it that Timothy was to bring?  What was it that Paul reminded Timothy was his shield, armor, and sword that offered all the utility he needed for the Christian life?  What is it that Paul told Timothy to guard, share, study, remember, proclaim, and bring? 

If you really want to know the answer, pick up 2 Timothy and read it for yourself and see if you can find the answer.  Also, come Sunday morning to Wildwood as we talk about what this non-negotiable (and valuable) thing is for the Christian life.

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