Dr. John Hannah says this about preaching, “When I preach, I am trying to put a category into people’s minds called Christ. And if the Spirit would bless it, to make it beautiful to them, it will influence their affections. People will choose what they like.”  I love this quote, and it greatly influences me as I preach and teach God’s Word.  If Hannah is right, then there is a segment of a particular sermon by S.M. Lockridge which is a model message — as I hear it, the portrait that is painted is lovely and inspiring.  I have included it below in a video created by someone on YouTube.  Hope you are as moved by it as I have been.  He is Risen. . . He is Risen Indeed!

NOTE:  If you are viewing this in Facebook, you may need to visit my blog to see the video:  http://wildwoodmark.wordpress.com

One thought on “That’s My King

  1. When I received the title of this entry on your blog, I wondered if it could be the unparalleled message by S.M. Lockridge…and IT WAS! Thank you for posting it. I never tire of hearing it!

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